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"Bata-ville: We Are Not Afraid of the Future” ....was the most unexpected, and perhaps most undiscovered, delight..... It's drily funny, sad, deeply weird and British to the very core of its being. If I owned a TV network, I'd keep playing this until people started to like it. www.salon.com (Arts & Entertainment): Beyond the Multiplex by Andrew O'Hehir I think what Tomas Bata was trying to do was to make everyone like a family, and that’s what we’ve seen on this trip. He (Bata) started with a family around himself, it grew to a family in Zlin, and then he brought it to all these other places. Mary Farish, Bata-ville passenger The logo we used - We are not afraid of the future - is on everybody’s mind. It’s not just a Czech problem, it’s now a global problem – but particularly for small countries. How can they accommodate their visions, their efforts, into a world-wide context? Marcela Hajek, Bata-ville passenger Work collectively, live individually Tomas Bata Shot by ground breaking film-makers Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie, Bata-ville promises to be East Tilbury’s biggest talking point since the library caught fire in November. Thurrock Gazette Bata-ville is a hybrid of feature film and documentary, acting as both a travelogue and artwork: It explores personal and historic realities, uncovering the way people, places and ideas converge at certain times and around certain ideals. Heidi Reitmaier Tate Britain
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Quotes about Bata-Ville
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Bata-ville is a Somewhere project by Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie developed by Commissions East.
The Bata-ville film has been produced by Somewhere, Commissions East, Illumina Digital Ltd & Film Europe